What is SmartDoG?

SmartDoG (SmartDealsOnGo) delivers the rich mobile experiences to you at the right time and the right place by sniffing the smartest deals in town for you and it also helps to dig out the best deals around you in the malls, restaurants and movies.

Just unleash it...

How it Works

Install App

Activate Blue tooth

Enter to SmartDoG zone

Get instant offers and discount

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The SmartDoG!

The SmartDoG is an indoor proximity sensor network, a device small in size and power to communicate with SmartDoG App or any other compatible App's sitting in Smart Phones.

When a SmartDoG enabled Smart phone, moves within range of Network our sensors can trigger an action, such as displaying a contextually relevant message on the phone.

SmartDoG has the power for a new range of user interactions.

In a real world scenario, we could trigger an app on your Smartphone to send notifications or promotional coupons as you entered a specific zone, such as a shop, cafe or airport lounge. It could also direct you to areas of interest and provide additional information on specific items of your interest.